About the Authors

Peter & Nancy Ryall

We both grew up in mainline Christian congregations. For many years, it did not occur that there was anything more for us than familiar rituals and traditions. We knew about God, but we didn’t know Him personally. Once we had a personal relationship with God, we understood that we could not only talk to Him, but that He communicates with each of His children. We discovered God has plans for each of us. As we listened for His guidance in our lives, we found ourselves leaving the security of church traditions to discover some major concepts and truths that were missing. Since we have embarked on this journey of following Father’s lead, our relationship with God and with others has been greatly enriched.

The revelation of each new truth has enriched our understanding of God and ourselves. Our sense of purpose has blossomed. We are more confident as we follow His will for us. We know and trust God much more than we did in the past.

Risks, uncertainties, and even persecution have accompanied us as we follow our Shepherd into new territory. We have sacrificed on the altar many treasured but mistaken beliefs and customs. Each time we have to make a choice about which is more important: God’s will for us or our sense of security in the familiar.

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