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Welcome to the Missing Pieces website: This is the home of Missing Pieces, a ministry dedicated to sharing God’s message from a Messianic perspective. On this site you will find our blogs (on the Home page). You can also find information here about our book (What’s Missing) and a place to purchase the book and contribute to our ministry.

All book proceeds and contributions are used to help fund our discipling outreach and presentations to congregations and groups to assist believers in their spiritual walk with the Lord. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement, please fill out your contact information here.

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About our Blogs: SCRIPTURE GEMS

Digging for Treasure

Welcome to our blogs! We would like to share some nuggets that we have mined from the infinite storehouse of treasure supplied in Scripture. In our blogs, we regularly use some Hebrew terms that may not be familiar to you. We believe that these Hebrew words carry much rich meaning that is lost in translation.

Abba is an Aramaic word for Dad or Daddy. Although it is not Hebrew, it is used by Hebrew-speaking people as an affectionate name for one’s father (earthly or heavenly).

Elohim means God. It is a plural noun used with a singular verb. There are three persons in Elohim (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), but they function in complete unity and harmony.

Yeshua means salvation. In English, we say Jesus, but His name in Hebrew is much richer and more meaningful. A more accurate English name for Jesus is Salvation or Deliverance.

YHVH is the name of the one true God. It is usually pronounced Yehovah or Yahweh.