Our True Colors: The Orange Garden (Part 6)

Our True Colors: The Orange Garden (Part 6)

The leaves on most hardwood trees are green during the spring and summer.  As they produce food the chlorophyll causes them to appear green, but when the growing season is over, the green color disappears and the true colors of the leaves, which were always present but hidden under the green, are finally revealed.  This pattern in nature symbolizes our experience as followers of Yeshua.  In our lives in the physical realm, we are toiling, often while enduring trials, attacks and hardships of various kinds. Our bodies and our souls can become scarred and marred. We lose sight of who we are in Yeshua.  However, as we die to ourselves and yield to Yeshua, our “true colors” are revealed.  This article is the sixth in a series of eight articles entitled “Our True Colors”.  It is based on revelation I received in my daily excursions to Heaven.  It is my sincere hope that you will find comfort and encouragement in this series.

As is the case with many others, I have experienced decades of heartache, rejection, loss, and pain. I recently experienced encounters with Yeshua where He removed my pain and the false image of myself that I had assumed was my identity.  He replaced the lies with what I now call my “true colors”.  In Heaven there are many gardens, lakes, rivers, and so on, but in this series of articles I will focus on eight gardens that surround a beautiful lake.  Each garden has a predominant color and can be used for healing specific types of soul wounds.  Each time I visited a garden, I saw different things.  Sometimes there were different flowers, or I might see birds or butterflies or gemstones.  The gemstones were sometimes scattered loosely on the ground.  At other times they made up a path or even a piece of furniture, such as a chair or table.  Each thing I saw, smelled, tasted or felt addressed a specific need.  Sometimes there is fruit to eat, water to drink or even a special drink that Yeshua Himself makes for your healing.  He makes it from the flowers and plants in the garden.

The orange garden is where passion resides.  Passion is ignited in us when we encounter Yeshua as our Lord and Savior for the first time.  We are overwhelmed by His love. We see ourselves in our filthy rags, yet our Savior burns with love for us.  We begin to comprehend that His abundant love drove Him to sacrifice everything for us. We are filled with joy and are almost bursting to tell everyone about Yeshua.  However, over time, we may lose some or most of our passion.  How can we keep our flame of passion burning?  The Holy Spirit reignites and fans the flame that was in us initially. 

No doubt the apostles experienced a burst of passion when they encountered Yeshua for the first time.  We see that Peter wanted Yeshua to depart from him because he recognizes his sinfulness in Yeshua’s brilliant light (Luke 5:8).  Peter and Andrew, James and John were so excited that they abandoned their families and livelihood to follow after Yeshua (Matt 4:18-22).  Philip sought out Nathaniel right away to tell him about Yeshua (John 1:43-44).  However, their initial passion wasn’t enough to sustain them when their Lord was arrested.  They fled. They hid. They cowered. They doubted. 

In His fervent love for them, Yehovah sent the Holy Spirit to fan the flames of their first love and to burn off all the dross that was tamping down the flame.  Their passion for Yeshua, His Father and the Kingdom of Heaven became a consuming fire within them that drove them out of hiding to boldly encounter the world and carry out their assignments, no matter what it cost them.  When we read the book of Acts, we see clearly their zeal and all that they forfeited. 

This is the same fervor that the Holy Spirit desires to enkindle in each of us so that we will burn with love for Yehovah just as He burns with love for us.  Yehovah’s passion drove Him to surrender His only begotten Son to brutal torture and death for our sakes.

We must ask the Holy Spirit to fan the flames of our passion and to burn off the dross that drags us down.  As we are filled with passion and love for Yehovah, we will no longer cower in fear and doubt, but we will move boldly ahead to fulfill the destiny that Yehovah has planned for us, no matter the cost.

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