Our True Colors: The Purple Garden (Part 1)

Our True Colors: The Purple Garden (Part 1)

The leaves on most hardwood trees are green during the spring and summer.  As they produce food the chlorophyll causes them to appear green, but when the growing season is over, the green color disappears and the true colors of the leaves, which were always present but hidden under the green, are finally revealed.  This pattern in nature symbolizes our experience as followers of Yeshua.  In our lives in the physical realm, we are toiling, often while enduring trials, attacks and hardships of various kinds. Our bodies and our souls can become scarred and marred. We lose sight of who we are in Yeshua.  However, as we die to ourselves and yield to Yeshua, our “true colors” are revealed.  This article is the first in a series of eight articles entitled “Our True Colors”.  It is based on revelation I received in my daily excursions to Heaven.  It is my sincere hope that you will find comfort and encouragement in this series.

As is the case with many others, I have experienced decades of heartache, rejection, loss, and pain. I recently experienced encounters with Yeshua where He removed my pain and the false image I had assumed was my identity.  He replaced the lies with what I now call my “true colors”.  In Heaven there are many gardens, lakes, rivers, and so on, but in this series I will focus on eight gardens that surround a beautiful lake.  Each garden has a predominant color and can be used for healing specific types of soul wounds.  Each time I visited a garden, I saw different things.  Sometimes there were different flowers or I might see birds or butterflies or gemstones.  The gemstones were sometimes scattered loosely on the ground.  At other times they made up a path or even a piece of furniture, such as a chair or table.  Each thing I saw, smelled, tasted or felt addressed a specific need.  Sometimes there is fruit to eat, water to drink or even a special drink that Yeshua Himself makes for your healing.  He makes it from the flowers and plants in the garden. 

Yeshua first introduced me to the purple garden. The color purple symbolizes royalty and is often used exclusively for those of royal blood.  When Yeshua offers you a gift that is purple, it is a sign of His acceptance.  It is similar to when the king extended his golden scepter to Esther (Est 8:4). However, in this case it means a great deal more. Yeshua is not only accepting you but reminding you that you are a new creation in Him and that His royal blood now flows through you.  Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life (1 John 5:12). Scripture also tells us that life is in the blood (Lev. 17:10-14)

In the purple garden you learn how welcome and cherished you are. If you have no family or your family is far from perfect, it is comforting and reassuring to learn about your true family in Heaven:  Abba Father, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit.  There you can be embraced in a divine circle and be overwhelmed by the unconditional love they have for you and the delight they take in you.  When you are feeling rejected or betrayed, try focusing on your Heavenly family.  It is much more pleasant focusing on those who consistently love and accept you.  It is also empowering.

It does not matter what the world thinks of you. King Yeshua’s opinion is the only one that matters. You are accepted and welcomed just as you are. This is especially comforting when you are dealing with experiences (past or present) of rejection or abandonment.  If King Yeshua accepts you, then the negative opinions or actions of others are meaningless. 

If you are feeling guilty, then throw it off. The guilt has been removed.  If there is still a reason for your guilt, then repent, ask forgiveness and ask for the blood of Yeshua to remove your stain and pay your debt.  Now you are free and there is no place for feelings of guilt.  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy.

If you are feeling unworthy or not good enough, that is a lie.  Your Creator designed you and made you for His pleasure, so hold up your head.  Refuse to embrace any shame or embarrassment.  If Yeshua is Lord of your life, then you are a beloved child of Yehovah

The color purple signifies even more than acceptance; it signifies your calling.  Before creation, Yeshua had already made plans for you.  He wrote these plans into His book for you (Ps. 139:16).  In order to reach your potential, you must die to yourself and yield to Yeshua.  He will perfect you and empower you to carry out all of His plans for you.

One time, Yeshua reassured me once more of His acceptance and gave me a belt made of amethysts.  He told me to wear this “belt of truth” around my waist and remember that His acceptance is the only acceptance I need. 

Sometimes I visited the purple garden when I was struggling to accept others and love them as Abba and Yeshua love them.  One particular time, I was fed up with some others who seemed to be overly judgmental and critical of anyone who did not agree with them.  As I worked through my anger and frustration, I realized that I was falling into the same trap, judging and criticizing others.  Yeshua helped me to work on accepting and loving them, just as He accepts and loves us. Each time I visit the purple garden, I become more confident of my identity in Yeshua. After each visit, I am more prepared to confront the problems I face in my daily life. I am ready to meet others, especially difficult people, with the love and grace of Yeshua.  I am better equipped to fulfill my calling from Yeshua.

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